Personalized Embryo Transfer (pET) Calculator

This calculator allows you to establish the ideal timing for the personalized embryo transfer following ERA testing for your patient in HRT or natural cycles with hCG triggering.

It is recommended that this process is reviewed by the clinician performing the embryo transfer.

It should be replicated in the same cycle type in which a recommendation for transfer was obtained.

This tool is not suitable for stimulated cycles.


  1. You will first need to indicate the embryo type (day 3 or blastocyst), followed by the number of hours or days after progesterone start/ hCG injection in which the ERA report recommends the transfer.
  2. Next, indicate the date and time in which you would start progesterone/ inject hCG or perform the embryo transfer.
  3. The tool will calculate the date for the personalized embryo transfer (pET) or the date for treatment start accordingly.

This tool is not suitable for natural cycle based on LH surge detection. To calculate pET in these cases please contact

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